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New England Boat Show

Anchors, away! The Discover Boating® New England Boat Show®,  returns to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on January 10-14, 2024.

With hundreds of boats on display and nautical attractions for the whole family, the Discover Boating New England Boat Show has something in store for everyone.  Learn More.

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New Fire Extinguisher Regulations

March 9, 2022

Beginning April 20, new U.S. Coast Guard regulations change extinguisher expiration dates and the minimum classification of fire extinguishers carried aboard newer boats. 

The new regulation puts a 12-year expiration on all disposable (non-rechargeable) fire extinguishers. A boater should look for the manufacture date on the bottom of the bottle or near the URL label. It may appear as two or four digits (e.g., 08 or 2008). The 12-year expiration date puts the U.S. Coast Guard regulations in line with the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations.

For 2018 model boats or newer:

  • Must carry “5-B”, “10-B”, and “20-B” classified extinguishers. The number on the new labels refers to the size (in square feet) of a potential fire the device is suitable to extinguish.

  • Please note, for boats 26-65 feet the requirements vary.

For 2017 model boats or older:

  • May carry older “B-I” or “B-II” disposable extinguishers until their 12-year expiration date, and then they must be replaced with newer class extinguishers.

  • Boats built prior to 1952 have special rules.

Rechargeable and fixed-mount fire extinguisher regulations have not changed; they require regular servicing by a technician.

Boats must also carry a minimum number of fire extinguishers based on the length of the vessel. The Safe Boating Campaign recommends boaters to go above the minimum requirements for fire extinguishers on board. Learn more about the new U.S. Coast Guard regulation and the minimum number of fire extinguishers required.

Learn more about the new U.S. Coast Guard regulation.


 “Boat America” course offered in Orleans

March 8, 2022

ORLEANS –  On Saturday, March 19, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering the “Boat America” Course from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Orleans Police Station, 99 Eldredge Parkway. This course is for ages 12 and up. Coast Guard–trained instructors will teach this informative class on the essential skills of boating and paddle craft: safety; boat selection; boating equipment; trailering; boat handling; basic navigation; rules of the nautical road; and legal requirements of boating.

The “Boat America” Course is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard. Most insurance companies provide discounts to boat-owners who successfully complete this course. Students 12 to 16 years of age who successfully complete the course can then become certified by the Massachusetts Environmental Police to operate a power boat without supervision.

Class size is limited, and pre-registration is required. Plan to arrive no later than 10 minutes early to complete paperwork. The total cost for the course is $45 to cover text and materials. To register and to reserve your space, contact Peter Lucchesi at (978) 621-0310 /; Kevin Brock at (508) 385-9350 /; or Dennis Bunnell at (508) 560-3668 /

The next course in the area is offered by Elizabeth Hager on Saturday May 7 at the Chatham Community Center. 

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It's Mooring Permit Renewal Time in Chatham

December 7, 2021

According to Chatham Harbormaster's website, the 2022 Mooring Permit and Waitlist Renewals were sent via email on October 27th. The permit renewals without a valid email address on file were mailed out on October 29th. Renewals are due by December 31, 2021. All renewals must be received or postmarked by January 31, 2022, or they will not be accepted. Existing customers may  request a new online link at


Chatham Calls For All-Out Effort To Reverse Coast Guard Decision

April 28, 2021

CHATHAM – The select board hopes to enlist residents and officials here and throughout the Cape to help convince the Coast Guard to reverse its decision to strip Station Chatham of its surf boats.

they said was the agency's lack of transparency, which is impacting the long relationship between the town and the Coast Guard.

Click here to read the Cape Cod Chronicle article by Tim Wood. 


2021 Chatham Mooring Permit Renewal

January 22, 2021



2021 Online Permit Renewal Program

The 2021 Mooring Permit and Waitlist Renewals was sent via email on Wednesday December 16th. Due to the delay in the issuance of the 2021 renewals, the Harbormaster has extended the renewal deadline to January 31, 2021. Renewals received in the month of February will be accepted with an additional late fee. This deadline extension is only applicable for this year's permit renewals. Mooring permit and Waitlist renewals will NOT be accepted after February 29th.


Chatham Waterways Regulations

October 11, 2019

Chatham Waterways Regulations including Annual Fees, Transient Permit, Mooring Permit, Waiting Lists for Mooring Location Assignment, Rental of Moorings, Two Year Rule, Moving, Relocating, Removal of Moorings, Lost Moorings, Mooring Tackle Specifications, Identification of Moorings, Mooring inspections, Anchoring, Regulations for Town Docks, Piers, Wharfs, Floats, and Bulkheads Other Than the Fish Pier, Ramp Use Regulations, Commercial Haul-out and Washdown, Temporary Winter Shore-side Berthing, Regulations for Chatham Municipal Fish Pier, Loading and Unloading/Vessel Docking, Docking Permits, Use of Floating Docks

Yacht Deck

Chatham MA Waterways By-laws

December 1, 2008

Link to Chapter 265 - Chatham Waterways By-laws, including information on

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