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Ocean Water

Marine Services

Mooring Supplies

LCMS can provide you with a brand new mooring from top to bottom. We carry a large inventory of mushrooms, hawser, buoys, and chain to fit your boat's individual needs. Not sure what you need? No problem, we can advise you on the best set up!

Float Dock Repair

LCMS can help you with the maintenance of your dock. Whether it be winter storage, installation or repairs both below and above the dock, we can figure out the best way to keep your dock in good condition for a very long time!

Float Dock Towing

We can tow your dock for maintenance, to a home for the winter or back to your spot for the season! We also have the ability to store your dock for the winter.

Mooring Inspections

Worried about the condition of your mooring? We are fully equipped to handle either a dive inspection or if a more extensive look is required, we can haul just about any size mooring you have.

Mooring Maintenance

Mooring gear does not last forever!  Routine maintenance such as pressure washing and painting will ensure that your mooring is safe and secure!

Mooring Storage

If your boat is out of the water for the season, your mooring should be on land too. Why risk possible damage? We can keep your mooring safe over the winter and be ready to install and go when needed. Winter spar services available.

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